Street Style of the Week!

The Tannery


We are continuing our Street Style of the Week posts with this one- a round up of some trends we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Denim is huge right now and its not just jeans! The “Canadian Tuxedo” unfortunately is such a fashion faux pas but we are starting to see some daring ladies ignore that and layer their denim up! Go for it girls!

Plaid isn’t just for Scottish folk and punks anymore! We are seeing this pattern be used in many different ways, but our favorite is seen in the middle picture as a flow-y midi skirt paired with a crop top and black leather booties.

Finally, Olive Drab! The term used to describe yellowish greenish unripe olives has been floating around the fashion world for quite sometime. Usually found in mens lines of a utilitarian or military inspired styles, this color is now invading womens closets. We love…

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