The vintage love affair

The NE Diaries.

Vintage fashion is back with a bang, with places from all over the country, including the North East, falling in love with the pre-loved look

It’s undeniable. For the past few years, vintage fashion has been having somewhat of a heyday. After the recession which left many of us with unfortunate money troubles, the less we say about that the better, many of us turned to vintage stores to save money, while still getting our fashion fix, and we haven’t looked back since.

The high street stores have been channeling this popularity into their latest collections, with favourites such as Urban Outfitters creating vintage ranges. And, as our need for the style grow stronger, more and more independent vintage shops are opening in town centres. Since 2008, when it was reported the number of retro stores had grown by 30%, this figure has continued to steadily increase. Charity shop Oxfam…

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