Monsanto’s Revolving Door

The Progressive Cynic

© Josh Sager – June 2014


The revolving door is a massive problem in American politics, where individuals cycle between public and private sector positions in a way that produces massive conflicts of interest. An individual can start their career working for a for-profit corporation, then migrate into a regulatory post or elected office, then into trade association positions, and finally go back to the private sector and make a huge profit off of decisions that they made during their previous public positions.

The multi-billion dollar agribusiness giant Monsanto has a long and extremely widespread history of participation in this revolving door, at every level of American government. Ex-Monsanto employees, particularly from their lobbying and legal infrastructures, fill numerous judicial, regulatory and advisory positions in the US government.


This revolving door for Monsanto allies has been present in virtually every administration for the past few decades, regardless of partisanship. The…

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