Power pastels

L'hotel des reves


Pastels are colors with neutral hue and low saturation and have been used since the Renaissance in art, in creating delicate paintings, doomed to be easily destroyed. At this moment in fashion, pastels are anything else but a mark of fragility; they suffered a transformation process and became a trend accessible even to strong, professional women, who are sufficiently self-conscious to understand that power lies in their actions, their successes and personality, more than in a wardrobe of a widow.


Moreover, even I was surprised this new generation of pastels is really edgy, carrying nothing too girly in it, designers (Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, Burberry or Dior) and high street brands adopting clear shapes and designs, modern cuts and fabrics. No flower applications, sequins, bows or whatever would make you think of baby girls. But you can still be a modern Lolita, if you know how to play it.




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