Something awesome is happening with human civilization

The Next Step

I often think nostalgically about our tribal past, when we lived within nature and were supported by a close knit group of family and extended family. This is the environment that we evolved out of, and perhaps the last environment to which humans were truly adapted.  Sure, it was brutal, and I wouldn’t want to return to it.  Yet there’s something we lost along the way, something from way back when.

Boise and Nature The needs of our new environment have driven us to invent institutions to accommodate ever larger communities.  Agriculture, government, police and schools are all examples of inventions: technologies we created.  They were created because of a numbers problem: it’s just not feasible to educate thousands of kids in one community through small group instruction and one-on-one mentoring.  While a small community where everyone knew your business could organically manage cheaters and criminals, a police department is required when most…

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