Noticed: The New Maxidress



One of the great joys of warmer weather is that you can almost always wear whatever you’d like. (The most Mother Nature might ask of you is to carry an umbrella.) And in that less-is-less-and-that’s-actually-more spirit is the unstructured maxidress: embellishment-free, a bit retro and graceful in its own feels-like-bed-linens kind of way.

Belted over so it blouses out or left loose and airy, it cuts an elegant line on any frame. Since it’s not defined by a waist, it’s more of a long shirt. And the simplicity means getting dressed couldn’t be quicker—a strappy sandal or even a canvas sneaker pulls the outfit together. No worries about sunburnt shoulders. No tugging at hemlines. No costume changes between breakfast, the beach and dinner.

We love that it’s a shape we haven’t seen everywhere just yet, and considering its leisurely associations (even Yves Saint Laurent was said to wear the untailored shape during summers), it’s exactly what we want to wear…

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